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Recalls are an important safety measure that makes it possible for drivers to get their cars repaired should there be a default or defect that can be traced back to the manufacturer. When something potentially deadly goes wrong with the production of a car the manufacturer will often create a recall. A recall prompts the owner of the car to bring the car back to an authorized dealership, in this case, Lombard Toyota, and get the problem fixed, of no charge to the owner of the car. This helps to make sure that the driver is safe, that the manufacturer is at no fault or no liability for the issues with the car, and that the problems are solved before something disastrous happens. In most cases, a recall is only going to occur in cases where a certain number of cars are affected or where a certain number of people are injured or affected by the defect.




Toyota Vehicle Recall Service

Pay Attention To Recalls

In most cases, recalls are voluntary. This means that you can either heed the recall and schedule service, or you can ignore it and let the issue slide. You should always heed a recall for a few reasons. For starters, recalls are totally free. This means you are going to be able to get the issue fixed at no charge to you and you are going to have a car as a result that is safer for you and other drivers. Another reason is that if something does happen and you are injured if you ignored a recall odds are the car was reported so that you cannot sue or work to claim anything from the maker because they made a concentrated effort to get your recall fixed. The last reason is that it does make it safer for you and for other drivers if you take the time to fix your recall when you get the notice.


Why You Shouldn't Ignore Vehicle Recalls

Ignoring a recall is a dangerous thing. Should something happen and the defect causes you to have a wreck or causes you to be injured, you cannot seek any sort of compensation from the manufacturer because you willfully ignored the recall and missed the recall window. If you get a recall notice, you should take your car to have it worked on quickly so that you can avoid any injury or any issue that might pop up.


Choose Lombard Toyota for all Your Recall Needs

Lombard Toyota has a great customer waiting area, a fantastic staff, and a certified service center that is ready to handle all your recall issues. They work quickly and diligently to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape and safe to drive.

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