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Used Toyota Land Cruiser Lombard

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Lombard

The used Toyota Land Cruiser in Lombard at Lombard Toyota offers the best value for money in its segment where reliability, capability and durability are concerned. The Land Cruiser’s rich legacy of capability can be traced back to 1951 when it was first produced. Over the years, the Land Cruiser has retained its tough and strong nature, offering unmatched off-road prowess and delivering exceptional hauling and towing capabilities.

The Versatile Used Toyota Land Cruiser

The used Toyota Land Cruiser in Lombard can comfortably carry up to eight passengers, so your entire family plus a few relatives would be well accommodated in this SUV. This makes the Toyota Land Cruiser the perfect family outing vehicle. This SUV also offers plenty of storage space for both small and large cargo. For small cargo like bags, tablets, and snacks, it offers a center console storage compartment and a large glove compartment. The center console storage compartment doubles up as a cooler box that you can use to keep your drinks cool.

For large cargo, this SUV offers over 20 cubic feet of cargo space at the back. This SUV also features 40/20/40 split 2nd-row seats that can be folded down and 50/50 split 3rd-row seats that can be folded up. When these seats are folded, the Land Cruiser offers well over 80 cubic feet of cargo space.

Safety in a Used Toyota Land Cruiser in Lombard

Another reason why you should get the used Toyota Land Cruiser in Lombard is because it is one of the safest SUVs to drive on the market. Toyota has equipped with numerous passive and active safety features to ensure that you and your passengers would always be safe on the road. One of the features that make the Land Cruiser safer than most others is its full-time 4WD system. This system drives all the wheels at all times, so in comparison with 2WD vehicles, the Land Cruiser enjoys better grip or traction on all types of road surfaces.

The Land Cruiser also comes equipped with a vehicle stability control system that mitigates oversteer, understeer, and wheelslip on slippery roads. Therefore, you would be less likely to lose control on the road in the Toyota Land Cruiser than in most other similar SUVs. The Land Cruiser also features over eight standard airbags that include side curtain airbags, so even your 3rd row passengers would be protected from injury in a collision.

There is a lot more that the used Toyota Land Cruiser has to offer. Come to Lombard Toyota at 725 West Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148 to learn about all its other features and also to test drive it. We at Lombard Toyota are offering it at a very reasonable price, so make a point of coming to inquire.

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