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Used Toyota Land Cruiser Hinsdale

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Hinsdale

No other large, premium SUV offers a mix of luxury and off-road capability like that of the used Toyota Land Cruiser near Hinsdale at Lombard Toyota. The Toyota Land Cruiser offers the supreme ride comfort of a luxury car while offering the rugged trail-traversing capability of a truck. This sets the Toyota Land Cruiser apart from most other similar SUVs on the market. In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser also offers incredible power, innovative tech features, and many advanced safety features.

Hauling and Towing with a Used Toyota Land Cruiser

The used Toyota Land Cruiser near Hinsdale is built upon a super-strong, full length, fully boxed steel ladder frame. Thanks to this foundation of strength, this SUV can haul and tow more than what most other similar SUVs are capable of. The Toyota Land Cruiser can haul over 1,000 pounds worth of cargo. Most models also offer over 80 cubic feet of total cargo space when the 2nd and 3rd-row seats are folded down. Therefore, without a doubt, there is a lot that you can haul with this SUV.

The Toyota Land Cruiser can tow trailers that weigh over 7,000 pounds. Therefore, you can tow your boat, caravan, jet skis, etc. very easily with this SUV. The Land Cruiser features a standard easy-to-use trailer hitch that is integrated to its rear bumper, so you can easily latch your trailers onto the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Off-Roading Capabilities of the Toyota Land Cruiser near Hinsdale

When it comes to four-wheel-drive (4WD) systems, the used Toyota Land Cruiser near Hinsdale is in a class of its own. It features a trusted and proven full-time 4WD drivetrain that gives this SUV superior road grip on all types of road surfaces. In addition, this SUV also features a limited-slip differential that can be locked to send more power to the front or the rear axles in extreme low-traction situations. The heavy duty suspension system of the Land Cruiser also significantly improves this SUV’s off-road capability by facilitating better wheel articulation when the SUV is climbing over obstacles and large rocks.

The Toyota Land Cruiser also features skid plates with many models. These skid plates cover the undersides of the suspension, fuel tank, radiator, and transfer case of this SUV. Therefore, you would be able to go on off-road escapades with confidence in the fact that the above-mentioned components would not get damaged by rocks.

There is a lot more that the used Toyota Land Cruiser has to offer. Come and check it out at Lombard Toyota. You will find us at 725 West Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148.

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