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Used Toyota Land Cruiser Elmhurst

Used Toyota Land Cruiser Elmhurst

The convenience that comes with the used Toyota Land Cruiser near Elmhurst at Lombard Toyota makes it a worthwhile purchase. With spacious seating and utility, tow your entire family and your stuff wherever you need to go with the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Powerful Used Toyota Land Cruiser near Elmhurst

You will be amazed at the power that the used Toyota Land Cruiser near Elmhurst wields. Depending on its year of production, the Land Cruiser features either V6 or V8 engine options. Its latest models feature a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine that generates 381 horsepower. All the engines of this SUV deliver impressive acceleration times, you would be able to enjoy thrilling, adrenaline-pumped rides in this SUV. In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser also features a super-strong body-on-frame construction that enables it to tow and haul massive loads. The Land Cruiser is capable of towing over 7,000 pounds, which is quite impressive by any standards.

The Toyota Land Cruiser can carry up to eight adult passengers quite comfortably, so you and your family members would comfortably fit in this SUV. In addition, the Toyota Land Cruiser also offers plenty of space for cargo – over 80 cubic feet when you fold down its 2nd row and 3rd-row seats. Therefore, whenever you would need to ferry some large loads for work or other purposes, you would not need to hire a truck; the Toyota Land Cruiser would handle it for you.

The Durable Used Toyota Land Cruiser

In addition, the used Toyota Land Cruiser near Elmhurst is also an SUV that will give you many years of service. The Land Cruiser’s superior durability is thanks to its solid build quality. Right from the genesis of the Land Cruiser in the 1950s, Toyota has never compromised the build quality of this vehicle. The hard-core military roots of the Toyota Land Cruiser have always been upheld. Thick, solid steel with reinforcements is used in most sections of this SUV. Therefore, rest assured that if you would get this SUV, you would not have to replace it for quite a while.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is also stylish, elegant and luxurious with utilitarian versatility to help cart your cargo or passengers around easily, efficiently, and safely. A used Toyota Land Cruiser offers all that you could desire in a sports utility vehicle. Come and check it out at Lombard Toyota at 725 West Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148.

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