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Strongest Toyota Models | Lombard, IL | Near Naperville & Wheaton, IL

Strongest Toyota Models in Lombard, IL

When you need a tough job done right, trust a Toyota.

More Power, More Performance

Increase your capability today when you switch to one of these strong Toyota vehicles.

Get More Power From Your Vehicle

These are three of most powerful vehicles out of the current Toyota lineup, but we'd like to show a few of their features that best showcase their capabilities below.

5.7L V8 Engine:

With an engine this powerful, you can get almost any job done. All three of our vehicles have this engine as an option, and if you plan on towing or hauling, it’s worth it.


This feature allows your vehicle to hold lower gears for longer, enabling your Tundra or Sequoia to stop searching for the right gear.

Integrated Trailer Brake Controller1:

If you’re having to come to a complete stop in traffic, you want your trailer to stop with you. With this technology, your Tundra or Sequoia is able to regulate the amount of trailer braking based on the weight of the compatible trailer.

Trailer-Sway Control2:

When your Tundra or Sequoia can recognize trailer sway, it’s better able to apply brake pressure to maintain stability.

Make sure that your vehicle always has your back. At Lombard Toyota, we want you to be satisfied with your vehicle's capabilities. That's why we've found the vehicles that offer the best in capability and strength for the current Toyota lineup. These three vehicles offer you the performance and technology that you'll need to get the tough jobs done. Whether you're hauling 10,000 pounds or 100 pounds, there is a Toyota vehicle available to fit your needs.

If you’d like to purchase or lease any of these powerful vehicles in Lombard, IL, drop by Lombard Toyota at 725 West Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL, 60148 for a test-drive. We look forward to serving our customers from Lombard, IL, and throughout Naperville and Wheaton, IL!

1The Integrated Trailer Brake Controller is an electronic system that operates in tandem with a properly equipped trailer with an electric braking system. It is designed to help the driver maintain trailer control by increasing or reducing trailer braking based on trailer weight. It is not a substitute for safe towing practices. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver input can all affect trailer braking control. See Owner’s Manual for details.

2Trailer-Sway Control (TSC) is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Factors including speed, road conditions, weather and driver steering input can all affect whether TSC will be effective in preventing a loss of control. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.