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2017 Toyota Prius Three near Downers Grove

2017 Toyota Prius Three near Downers Grove

When Toyota’s first Prius came out a few years ago, everyone was in awe of the hybrid vehicle. It caught everyone’s attention and is definitely recognizable among a crowd. This year, Toyota is back and better than ever with the 2017 Prius Three near Downers Grove. This time, the lovable hybrid adds amazing cargo space and features that you’re certain to appreciate and enjoy.

Technology of the 2017 Prius Three Hybrid

Toyota has been a leader in making their vehicles and technology much more eco-friendly. The 2017 Prius Three near Downers Grove is a perfect example of how they have perfected the art of superb technology with a low cost on the environment. One of the key aspects to the 2017 Prius Three is Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. It’s been tested many times over the years and never fails to impress and be completely reliable.

Considering the fact that the Prius Three is a hybrid vehicle, it isn’t enough that there are low costs to the environment in the making of the vehicle. There also has to be a low impact on the environment when it comes to what the vehicle puts out. The 2017 Prius Three is a certified Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle, which means that it creates a considerably lower amount of smog-related emissions than most other vehicles do. This isn’t even all the neat hybrid technology that the Prius Three offers!

Performance of the Toyota Prius Three near Downers Grove

The lovable Prius Three is powered by a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine that sends power to the front wheels via continuously variable transmission. This engine produces 134hp and is paired with two electric motors as well as a battery pack. Since this is a hybrid SUV, the fuel economy rating is outstanding. The 2017 Prius Three near Downers Grove comes in with a whopping 43 mpg/39 mpg for city/highway, making it 41 mpg combined! Such low amounts of energy are used to power the vehicle, making it less taxing on the environment and your wallet when it comes to filling up gas. In fact, the Prius Three is able to be powered by solely the electric motors under certain conditions.

The hybrid also uses less energy because of its special aerodynamic design. The exterior design of the Prius Three does not exist just to be recognizable and catch attention; it is made to reduce air resistance, which reduces fuel consumption! In the end, everything works out for the benefit of the environment, and in the end, the benefit of us.

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common in our society these days. People have started to care more about the environment and they decide to invest in vehicles that relieve the environment from a bit of the stress it endures. The 2017 Prius Three near Downers Grove is definitely one of the best choices for hybrid vehicles on the market. It’s safe, fun, and reliable, all while being extremely eco-friendly! To get your Prius Three today, contact us at Lombard Toyota. Give us a call at 855-890-2899 or find us on 725 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Lombard. We look forward to seeing you.

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