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2016 Toyota Corolla for Sale in Elmhurst, IL

2016 Toyota Corolla for Sale in Elmhurst, IL

The 2016 Corolla for sale in Elmhurst doesn't ask you to mortgage your entire future to get what you want. That's not what Toyota is about. Instead, the Corolla offers a lot for less than its competitors, with a starting MSRP of $17,320. Visit us at Lombard Toyota for a great buying experience.

Toyotas are renowned for their reliability and consistency, and the 2016 Corolla in Lombard is no different. With that said, reliability is nice but it would be a tad boring if it was the only feature, don't you think? Not to worry. The Corolla's eye-popping front fascia is accented wonderfully by optional 17” alloy wheels and rear spoiler. Its wind tunnel-tested, ultra-aerodynamic design is not just for show, either. It measurably improves the car's fuel economy.

The Corolla's distinct front end, inspired by the Toyota and Lexus racecars that compete on the world stage, will grab anyone's attention. Whenever you decide to let the car stretch its legs a bit, the high-performance-inspired seats will keep you firmly planted in place. Available SofTex® seats blend science and luxury: they are leather-like, water- and stain-resistant, and supportive on those long road trips. The Corolla makes it easy to picture yourself on the racetrack, and its increased fuel economy means you'll spend even less time at the pump.

Speaking of spending less time at the pump, the Corolla benefits from Toyota's Valvematic engine technology, whether it's high-way driving or stop-and-go city traffic. The Corolla's CVTi-S gives you more control and substantially-improved fuel economy. It'd require a lot of boring and complicated words to explain it all, so just know this - Toyota works very hard to make your car as efficient as possible!

Despite its low MSRP, the Corolla is not to be outdone when it comes to creature comforts. An available moonroof means you can always see the sky, cloudy or sunny, and you can always find the northern star on your adventure. All Corollas are equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology to make phone calls easier and safer. The Corolla also offers a backup camera, steering wheel audio controls, automatic climate control, in addition to its ultra-convenient Smart Key system, which allows you to unlock doors and start your car - all with the key fob in your pocket. Name another car in its class with convenience like this!

On top of it all, the Corolla is designed to keep you and all of your passengers safe. With eight standard airbags and Toyota's Star Safety system, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be safe, even if the worst happens.

Need we say more? Visit Lombard Toyota, and we'll be happy to tell you anything more you need to know.

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